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Distribute your QHSE mission offerings and well-being at work and find consultants for your needs.

The objective is to bring QHSE MarketPlace missions filed by public companies and structures to make them known to QHSE and HR consulting firms, independent, self-contractors, freelancers and secondly, to facilitate companies looking for experts, consultants and trainers.

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Who are we ?

QhseMarketPlace is a French association Law 1901 born from the observation that private companies and public agencies have difficulty identifying good profiles QHSE consultants to meet their support needs in consulting and training. The association is the result of a partnership agreement between frames on a mission, the France Quality Performance (AFQP) bretagne, BlueKanGo and Frédération Auto-entrepreneurs.


  • CEM
  • AFQP
  • BKG
  • FEDE

Cadre en mission, operates in more than 20 French cities, salaried portage in hundreds of QHSE consultant since 1999. Given the diversity of QHSE demands, Cadres en mission noted the difficulty of bringing together the right consultant with the right company. QhseMarketPlace must be able to respond effectively and allow Cadres en mission to better target the professional and personal development of its consultants.

The Association France Quality and Performance (AFQP) Bretagne, is a network dealing quality, progressive measures and management systems. QhseMarketPlace develop this quality culture promoted by the AFQP and exposes companies that can compete at the Prix France Quality Performance®.

BlueKanGo, as Software-as-a-Service editor for QHSE, Health, Safety and workplace wellness management, is well aware of the QHSE and well-being at work expectations of companies. BlueKanGo has 30 employees and 3000 customers more representatives one million active users.

The auto-entrepreneurs Federation (FEDAE) advocacy organization and support for auto-entrepreneurs that unites over 70,000 people, supports all consultants under the auto-entrepreneur of QhseMarketPlace platform. It informs, advises, accompanies and provides effective and sustainable support to its members (insurance, standby equipment, legal assistance) and distributes a comprehensive program to train entrepreneurs.